The new Amplicord electrolarynx D1 is a high quality technical device.

Each of its components is manufactured through highly automatised processes which ensure an elevated standard of precision, reliability and quality.

The D1 is a truly innovative device, the first electrolarynx produced by Amplicord with a fully digital circuit – reliable and easy to use.

Setting up and starting to use the D1 is easy: just a few clicks on a multifunction joystick. Once adjusted to the preferred levels, the device will memorise the chosen settings and will be always ready for use.

The D1 interface is designed to be easy and intuitive. All commands are easy to access, even for users with limited mobility. Furthermore, an LED installed near the joystick will signal if the device is on, off or charging.

Charging the device is easy: the power charger must simply be connected to a wall plug, while the other end is connected to the port at the bottom of the device. The LED will blink to signal the charging process is underway.

The D1 is designed ergonomically, to be held comfortably in one hand and easily positioned on the neck, thanks to its innovative inclination.

The innovative shape of the device will also ensure that it will not accidentally fall, rolling off a table or a flat surface.

While designing the final product, we also took extra care to ensure a pleasing aesthetic appearance, with the possibility to carry it with ease like one would with a common mobile phone or other technical device, keeping it ready for use with its useful wrist strap or neck strap.


The D1 is a Class I electromedical device aimed at patients whom have undergone surgery to remove vocal chords.

The electrolarynx must come into contact with the skin of the neck, in an area that is not damaged and is apt to produce phonemes.

The vibrations produced by the device when in contact with the user’s throat are sent back to the oral cavity and, together with the lip movement, allow the user to speak clearly and with no effort.


The D1 Electrolarynx carries a label of compliance with the UNI CEI EN 980:2009 regulations.


The Amplicord Mod. D1 voice prosthesis speech aid carries a 2-Year Limited Warranty (24 months), provided the device shows no signs of fall, drops or manumission.